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History of For the Love of My PetBook Cover

Seven years ago, our first project was creating an all blind bowling league which have become national champions and scored in the top five every year since! A Journey For The Blind team practices every week in Cerritos, California and continues to compete in nationally. Through this effort, we found our mascot, Thelma The Guide Dog, who is an integral part of programs.
In our next project, we distributed a sign language doll to every deaf school in the United States, with help from local Lions Clubs across the nation. We accomplished this task on February 14, 2012 without costing the schools a single dollar! We partnered with local companies and Lions to distribute the dolls to children who need this communication assistance.
Our current project is For The Love Of My Pet, which was written by Thelma The Guide Dog as told to Owen Burgess and Rob Hartley. We created this adventure series to assist the deaf and blind in literacy, allow them to become our next author, and show the unlimited possibilities for the blind and deaf. We have partnered with California School for the Deaf, Riverside and California School for the Deaf, Fremont, to promote our goals and objectives.
Because literacy is an extremely high challenge for the deaf and blind, our first step is to reach out to them. This program was created in part because of the focus of the Lions Club to create programs to enhance literacy, but we wanted to add an element which would give national recognition to our young people who become authors, while generating revenue which can be used to assist the blind, the deaf,
guide dogs as well as schools across the nation. With passion, love and pride we pursue this program to help create awareness of literacy and to do something directly to enhance the success of each student we encounter.
We look forward to your involvement!
Write Our Next AdvendtureGoals and Objectives
To promote literacy and writing among the deaf and blind.
To motivate and empower our youth to become authors through national contests, and thus
drive literacy.
To have one child-authored story published in each state in e-book form.
To create awareness of the importance of literacy and how we are driving literacy forward.
To raise funds for Service Animals and highlight them on our website.
To open doors for speaking engagements for winning students and empower them in with
leadership skills and hands-on experience.
To partner with companies who are aggressively training and placing blind and deaf into
long-term employment.

Our Plan, Step-by-Step

To give students, especially the deaf and blind, access to the website to become our next author.
To build financial partnerships with companies who are passionate about literacy that further these goals and objectives.
To create a judging panel for the best stories to be represented by each school.
To begin statewide contests starting on September 1, 2013, and ending September 30, 2014.
To take advantage of our existing connections with regional and national Media to expose this effort using radio, television, newspaper and magazines.
To allow people throughout the country to vote on the best story from among the finalists.
To name and award the top winners, with the help of our corporate partners, at their schools.
To illustrate and produce the top winners’ books into e-books, with the potential of going to print.

Our Mission

It is our intention to place over 10,000 books in schools and libraries across the United States. We are looking for companies to help us to support and distribute For the Love of My Pet in those institutions. In doing so you will also be helping to raise funds for service animals and deaf and blind programs. Your support is appreciated.

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